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Where are the used A99II cameras

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Guest Jaf-Photo

The A99II sold quite well, better than Sony expected. It's an amazing camera and people have no reason to sell them. It's the perfect camera for A-mount users. It's possible to find used copies but they are few and far apart.

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I think that it never sold in large enough numbers originally to populate a used market. Sony may have been happy with the sales but they were tiny in comparison to Canikon mass sales.

The used market is always a much smaller subset of the new market as trades often go privately.

One could post WTB notices in various media for a better chance.

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Just did quick search and found a few. 

The problem you face is that good used samples are close to the new price.

There are a ton of sellers for new units so why bother with used?

I would definitely want the better price of used gear but in this market it seems to be unavailable at cheap prices.

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