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  1. I am a working pro and I shoot anywhere from 500 to 3000 images per week. I download everything onto an external HD that is mirrored to another HD. When that fills up I get two more and repeat. My actual backup and archiving is a little more involved but that is the basic outline. No matter how many images you delete, over time you will run out of space. A good question to ask yourself is "What is so important on your computer that it must use up so much storage to leave you only 50GB?" IMO off loading a lot of that data would be very helpful. If it is important data it is even more important to find backup locations for it.
  2. Just did quick search and found a few. The problem you face is that good used samples are close to the new price. There are a ton of sellers for new units so why bother with used? I would definitely want the better price of used gear but in this market it seems to be unavailable at cheap prices.
  3. I think that it never sold in large enough numbers originally to populate a used market. Sony may have been happy with the sales but they were tiny in comparison to Canikon mass sales. The used market is always a much smaller subset of the new market as trades often go privately. One could post WTB notices in various media for a better chance.
  4. While we all want more, there is a cost in physics and price. The processing power to achieve such performance will arrive but it most likely will cost a ton in energy and heat. As Sony still seems to suffer from overheating criticism, unless that is addressed, the chance of a high MP, high speed body, with the sort of high bit performance people are talking about is unlikely to be here anytime soon. But as always, anticipation is more than half the fun. 😉
  5. If you are triggering wirelessly many radio triggers have some latency that reduces the maximum flash sync. You can get the maximum flash sync if you use a sync cord or an optical slave triggered by an on camera flash. I use Canon 5DmkIIIs and all of the 5D models never synced at 1/200 when using ANY radio triggers. They were all fine when using on camera flash or sync cords.
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