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Jon Hewitt

Sony A6000 + ComLite Auto FocusAdapter EF-NEX + Canon 85mm 1.8

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I have the Sony A6000 + ComLite Auto FocusAdapter EF-NEX + Canon 85mm 1.8.  Should auto focus work, even if slow to focus.   If so are there certain config settings in the A6000 to make it work.


I can not get autofocus to work

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If you have the latest FW in both units,

return it, and try another brand .... and 

possibly another after the next one.  


I've returned MANY adapters, but I do 

have about a half dozen in use. OTOH   

photo needs, and work habits, of each 

user vary widely. "Image Crafters" will 

happily live with less than cutting edge 

performance, but be assured there are 

no adapters in use by ESPN stringers. 


While you're sorting all this out, one tip 

I can offer is that I use one combination 

that DOES offer fast AF and generally 

"high performance" ... but the controls 

that govern the AF functions use some 

different procedures than are used with   

native lenses. IOW if you have no AF 

when using the controls in accordance 

with the Sony Users Guide, intuition is 

in order before declaring it hopeless :-)  


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I have a a6000 and with a Comlite adaptor I can use an original (film) EF 50mm f1.8 lens which though slow (5 seconds) will focus, as will the EF 100mm f2.8 L. IS. USM macro lens.  (I don't have the 85mm lens). However, particularly with the macro lens, I prefer to focus manually.

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