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Adapter for Zeiss Distagon 35/f2.0 EF


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I recently bought me the a7r3 and would occasionaly like still to use my Zeiss Distagon with EF mount with it. The Zeiss is a manual focus lens, so I am looking for a simple adapter which still can transmit the f-stop information between the lens and my camera.


I would not wish to spend money on Metabones or other more expensive brands with advanced autofocus features since I won't need them. Any suggestions?

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I'd suggest ANY affordable "smart" adapter.  


The AF is sketchy even on the pricey ones, 

and you don't need that. Even the cheapest

ones properly operated electric iris blades

and transmit exposure settings.  


One of your decisions is whether you need

it to have its own tripod fitting, which may 

rule out the very cheapest. 

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