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Best Buy discontinuing the SEL50f18...

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Same at the Sony store, B&H and Adorama.  If I had to guess, I'd say that they're going to have a new lens to go along with the A6100. But that's only a wild guess.


I did see this thread in the APS-C lens section a while back:



I do look forward to more APS-C lenses, from Sony and third parties.


Now to decide whether to grab the sel50f18 now, or see what comes along. Nice problem to have.  :)


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No... You read it right. Every Best Buy is selling the stock they have of SEL50f18 (sku 5638022) and will not get more. I searched 5 stores in an area I travel for business until I found one today. You can call and ask about that sku. They'll tell you it's being deleted from their system. 

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