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  1. No... You read it right. Every Best Buy is selling the stock they have of SEL50f18 (sku 5638022) and will not get more. I searched 5 stores in an area I travel for business until I found one today. You can call and ask about that sku. They'll tell you it's being deleted from their system.
  2. I only compressed it once using Microsoft Photo Editor so it would be small enough to post. The lack of sharpness is probably due to my measly skills.
  3. I am a portrait photographer in Mississippi.. and by portrait photographer I mean I take photos of my children while they're standing still and nobody in particular ever pays me for my work! I recently moved out of the iPhone system into the A6000. I ordered it with the 2 kit lenses (16-50, 55-210) but immediately upgraded to a 30 year old Minolta MD 50mm 1.7 that I laid out a solid $10 to acquire. So far in my study of photography I've managed to learn just how shockingly little I know about the subjetc! Anyway.. All I lack is skills and gear to start getting lots better shots of my models. /thanks for letting me lurk and learn! Minolta 50mm MD, 5.6, 1/1000, iso 100
  4. Here's an example of the Minolta 50mm MD stopped down. No surprise it gets a lot sharper. Again I wished I had an off-camera light to illuminate them. ....Several Cadbury eggs were offered as sacrifice to coerce 3 children to remain still all at one time... Minolta 50mm MD, f5.6, 1/1000, iso100
  5. Here's a shot I took with it this afternoon. The sky was cloudy and the wind was gusting to 20 because of a front moving through... I don't have a light source other than mother nature right now so this is probably laughable by some standards here.. An off-camera flash (and the know-how to use it) or a better lens than the 2 kits and 2 cheapos I have? Which would benefit me more for stuff like this? A6000 Minolta MD 50mm 1.7 1/1000 iso100
  6. Thanks for the encouraging words! Both the lenses cost next to nothing but of course they're not stabilized. I made the kids be still long enough with the 50mm to get so good shots of them in the dying light of the afternoon but the 135mm is tougher to nail down. After using nothing but my iphone for the last couple of years I've been amazed what the a6000 can do with a $10 lens. Quite literally I took the camera out of the box, flipped through the menus to put it in MF mode, turned on the red peaking and shot the picture of the bananas on the counter. I'm going to try to use both a lot through the Easter weekend. If my newb skills render anything of interest I'll post it...
  7. For comparison here's the second picture I ever took. It's the equally cheap JC Penny 135 f2.8 (Japan) I wonder if anybody else has ever bought 2 cheap lenses and an adapter from Amazon months before they even owned a camera.....
  8. Hello to the forum! I've lurked for nearly a year. Been watching anything photography related on Youtube... Tony Northrup, Jason Lanier.. even DigitalRev. Today I graduated from my iPhone camera to a Sony a6000. Pulled the trigger Monday and ordered a refurb kit from Secondipity. Arrived today.. like new. Excited! A couple of months ago I stopped in a pawn shop and they had a Minolta MD 50 1.7... offered ten bucks (USD) and walked out with a 30 year old lens for which I had no camera! A week after that I bought a JC Penny 135 2.8 (Japan) off eBay for another ten bucks. This is my first shot ever with something other than a cheap point and shoot. I don't know where this photography obsession is leading but it's fun right now... Minolta MD 50mm f1.7 1/160 iso400
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