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A6000 bricked after apk install

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Hello, anyone knows how to unbrick an a6000? I installed an apk, it installed correctly but after open it the camera's screen blackout, after restart it the camera don't let me access the menu, after 30 seconds shows a message "writing to the memory card was not completed correctly. recover data?" show enter or cancel buttons, but the message shows for a second and the camera seems to reset. :( anyone knows some procedure to make a factory reset without entering the main camera menu? or how to reinstall the firmware?


I already tried all the following:


*Turn on the camera, press the Menu + Movi keys and turn off the camera. Do not release keys wait 30 seconds. Then turn it back on.

*Turn off the camera, remove the battery, wait 30 seconds + (2-3 seconds). Press Menu + Movi, insert the battery and turn off the camera. Wait 10 seconds, release the buttons, wait 30-40 seconds. Turn off the camera.




Thanks a lot

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I don't know if this will help, but fyi I had my a6000 become a brick after I attempted to install a version update (to 3.3).  Everything failed to revitalize the camera until I attempted a reinstall using a PC instead of my Mac.  The camera miraculously came back to life.  Might be worth trying a version update and see what happens.

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Thanks to both of you.

I tried also to take out the battery and pressing the buttons but didn't work.


@tinplater when I connect the camera to a windows PC it's not recognized, it seems that.

I was able to pass the error message that the camera cannot write to sd card but the behaivor is the same: after 30 to 40 seconds the display shows the camera mode but it lasts 1 second and then reboots, does this 3 times and then it shutdown.


I wonder if there are some option to push a firmware reinstall, maybe there is a Sony special sofrware tool.


I'll keep trying to bring my camera to life, I love my camera

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I stored this thread for offline reference. 


It's hardly the first thread on the problem.  


I believe there should be a "sticky" in the 

"General Discussions" section where all 

queries and advices accumulate cuz this   

is a recurring, and very critical, concern. 

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Thanks for your suggestions, I had tried with the original cable and others also but I had no luck.

The windows PC does not recognize the camera, I also tried with another PCs including one with linux but same result.

I noticed that after the 30 or 40 seconds when the camera is displaying the shooting mode the red led next to the battery compartment blinks constantly for 1 second and after that the camera restarts, this happens 3 times and then camera shutdown.


Sony should have a way to reinstall the firmware but I think this kind of tools is only provided to repair centers

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El 5/11/2017 a las 13:20, Mextreme dijo:

Hola, hojalata, también me probé una Mac de un amigo y sucedió lo mismo.

hola, hace poco intente actualizar mi a6300 y fallo en el proceso dejando mi camara muerta, esta apagada y no enciende, busque informacion y al parecer tu tienes un problema similar, pudiste arreglarlo? en mi situacion me recomendaron cambiar placa pero es caro, de igual forma me llama la atencion lo que dijiste de software especial que le otorgan a los tecnicos oficiales de sony, asi que estoy esperando respuesta de un tecnico oficial de mi pais aver si tiene solucion, caso contrario comprare la placa.

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