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Canon 200 2.8 or Sony 70-200 F4

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Does anyone have any thoughts about which lens would be better at 200 mm for a Sony A6300 now and a A7-something later?

I don't need it for anything other than 200 mm, so the versatility of a zoom is not a pro for me. I'm just wondering which one would give me better image quality when used for mostly landscape and some architecture.

I have a preference for primes due to high quality combined with relatively low weight, but I also prefer native e-mount lenses...

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I have the Sony 70-200 F4 and it produces wonderfully sharp and beautifully rendered images on my a7rii and a6000.  However, if you shoot on a tripod, the Canon 200mm would offer better bokeh and possibly sharper images.  A big minus, at this FL is the absence of IS on the Canon.  If I were to choose just one lens, I would sacrifice the aperture speed and go with the Sony.  It will focus faster also.

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70-210/4 is the most evolved/perfected 

zoom. 40 years progress fine honing a 

design whose spec never really pushed 

the envelope in the first place. I'm not 

praising Sony's lens. I'm referring to a 

genre. Any 70-210/4 by a major maker. 

70-210/4 has essentially become equal 

to any prime. It's the standard. 

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I've studied this matter for some time. Sony's own 70-200/4 OSS is WAY too expensive. It really should cost alot less.


A few days ago I've bought myself a Canon 70-200/4 L USM (with no IS as I have it in A7II), Used lens in perfect condition costs like 350USD here in Russia. The lens produces perfectly sharp pictures with nice bokeh and works perfectly on Viltrox NEX-EF adapter - AF is fast an spot on. And the lens itself is rather light and comfortable to handle. I definitely recommend this lens. 




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