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A7Rii screen stops works within minutes in 10 deg F temps

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I've had my A7Rii since Aug'15. I recently spent two days photographing landscapes and water in single digit F temps. Nearly all photos were made through the viewfinder because the LCD screen shut off within minutes on a full battery and never came back on until the camera had been indoors for more than 30 minutes. I was using the Sony batteries it shipped with as well as 2 generics. Cycling power off/on and reinserting the battery had no affect.


Has anyone else experienced this problem or is it just my camera?


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I haven't had this problem either on any of my Sony mirrorless cameras. My A7rii has been in 5ºF and had no problems with the LCD screen. I've had a NEX-7 and an A6000 out in below 0ºF weather and they also had no problems with the LCD screen. However, I do have problems with the control dials becoming almost unresponsive the longer the cameras are in the cold.

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