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Sony A7R4a touch focus stopped working (But focus tracking works?)

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I have touch-focus set to on and although I can touch the screen and the curser meets my finger/follows it, it does not focus.

It did the last time I used it because I remembered using it for composing by touch.

I am flummoxed, the only thing that I have changed was a firmware update and last week I tried to connect my P30 pro to the camera (Which was when I realised the touch focus had stopped?) so not sure what caused it.

The camera is in mint condition, I have had it since new (just over a year ago) I am the only user and can say that it has been looked after very well, it's has had no knocks or any damage.


The touch-tracking works and will focus at any point where I touch the screen while continuously tracking that point, and yes, I have thought about touch-tracking, but it's slower and a bit clumpy compared to touch focus which I much prefer using. I tap away at the screen in touch mode, but it won't focus, it follows the finger where ever you move it, but no focus.

I reset the camera to its factory defaults, but still no touch focus?


Any help much appreciated.



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In Stills mode, the touch focus function only selects the focus point. Focus is achieved by pressing the shutter (or button you assigned to focus).

It works in video mode though.

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