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A5100 stop working with some of my lenses

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Hi guys,

i found a problem with my A5100 and possible with lenses.

I have been on trip with my camera and my lens SEL18200LE. But the autofocus started going badly, first in part of zoom area and than in the whole area. Also I cant manual focus and shot a picture. Soo I was thinking the lens focusmechanism is broken.
But when I came home I try other my lenses, which were previesly working. And the results were confusing:
SELP1650: seems working well
SEL30M35: seems working well
Sigma 30mm f/2,8 DN ART: looks like the same problem like SEL18200LE. Can't focus, can't take a picture and also my camera can't detect aperture number.

Any idea before I try servis?

Thanks guys

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Thanks for reply. The contacts seem be clean and also I gently brushed them. Didn't help.


I also take a time with observe the problem. It seems the camera actually can focus but very slowly. When the focus is locked the camera seemed to be going restart or when I press the shot button.
After restart the camera have default settings.
I dont know what is going with it. I have idea it also could be problem with battery, but unluicky I dont have spare. (My idea: This two setup of lenses and camera maight have hight volatge imput and it could couse a restart)

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