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Metabones EF to E adapter mark iv - Can't change aperture


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Do you mean the aperture does not change when you change it in camera? Or the aperture never changes even when taking photos? Metabones default "Green mode" is simulating Sony LAEA-3 adapter and it only closes aperture when taking a photo (like a SLR). If you want to aperture to change as soon as you change it on camera body (like native E-mount lenses), you can turn the Metabones into "Advance mode". Here is how http://www.metabones.com/article/of/green-power-save-mode.

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I may have this same problem. In my case, the camera does not see the lens at all and displays f-- 

The problem is intermittent and sometimes everything works perfectly, with the camera being able to see the lens and change the aperture. 

I have had some luck with fiddling around with the WO/CF (mode) button on the adapter, but I can never figure out which mode I'm in and eventually the problem returns.
I have written to Metabones and they have offered to examine and test my adapter for the cost of shipping - but shipping is to Hong Kong. I'm in the middle of a project that I bought the lens and adapter specifically for, so I told them I had to limp through the work before I could send the adapter back.

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