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Minolta Md Lens


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I have a Sony A7 II and just got a Minolta MD Rockkor 50mm f1.4, which attached to the camera using a Fotasy MD-A7II. Regardless what I try, i get the "invalid because lens not attached... attach lens correctly". Of course I have the "release w/o lens" enable. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? Thanks!!!

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Do you have another adapter to test it? I've once seen this when I attached an adapter that didn't correctly 'click' into position. But for now all my adaptors for Minolta work fine.


Or are you in a mode that might only work with electronic lenses, like "P"? Go for "A" to shoot manual lenses.

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I have a Minolta MD Rokkor  85mm f 1.7  &  I  use it  in  Manual,  or  A ,with  manual settings in the menu,  no probs .

The adapter  does not have a manufacturers name, just a metal tube , from a company in the UK, I think it was  SRB photographic, from memory.

Hope this helps, good luck.

Oh  Yes  my camera is the same as yours  , the A 7 II

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Are you changing from an AF lens to the (dumb) adapter

while the camera is on? If so, turn the camera off before

with the AF lens attached, then switch.

Uh huh. This also applies to the IBIS. IBIS must be

enabled while the camera is wearing the AF lens. IIRC,

before removing the AF lens you should also shift to

MF mode before removing the AF lens.


BTW, one quick check you can run to assure that the

camera itself is OK when an adapter is suspect, more

likely with smart adapters, is that you can remove the

adapter and just use your hand to cover the lens mount

while triggering a shot. If all your "enables" are OK, you

should get an image of the gap between your fingers.

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