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a7r + FE 90mm macro - Japan; Autumn 2015 Exclusive!


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Hey everyone, first time poster here! Have been using the a7r for almost a couple of years now with a myriad of lenses. One that has thoroughly impressed is the almighty FE 90mm macro lens. Purchased this for a recent trip to Japan with the intention of breaking it in over 2 weeks of travelling. Definitely not disappointed with the results!


22696985743_54c87bc623_z.jpgDSC07063-3 by paiyan-, on Flickr


23162605123_c0d6723f6e_z.jpgDSC07469 by paiyan-, on Flickr


23162637623_ce1961d3b3_z.jpgDSC07494 by paiyan-, on Flickr


23371062375_4b107a7e0e_z.jpgDSC07113-2 by paiyan-, on Flickr


23566954722_9e7cc1fd1e_z.jpgDSC07264-2 by paiyan-, on Flickr


And also, bonus shot with an el-cheapo Sigma OM 24mm!


22794480013_c43c24d763_z.jpgDSC07246 by paiyan-, on Flickr


Feedback and comments are most welcome :) please feel free to check out the rest of the shots on Flickr and pardon the mix of Sony / Leica!!

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These pictures are simply stunning. I especially like the lake and fog shot, and the two shots of people walking in the wooded areas.


I am in the market for a new camera and the A7r is one I am seriously considering as my first full frame camera. After reading reviews on the shutter induced lens shake, I was worried the 90 might be a problem especially hand held. The FE 90 Macro and the Sonar 35 FE are two lenses on my short list if I decide to get the A7r..

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