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  1. Hello All! I recently did a wedding using 2-128Gig San disc memory cards. On my A7III using all native Sony Lenses. This was an all day event, and I noticed a few times my camera went all black. I thought maybe it was something I pressed accidentally and powered on and off the camera. After it came back on and I noticed I was in timer mode 2 sec. I though maybe somehow I pressed it into that mode. Not sure how that could have happened. This happened 2 times during the event. When I got home and I was ready to import my photos I got an error message on one of my cards saying a bunch of photos were corrupted. I then ejected the card and used my back up card that was being used in the other slot. I got no error, so I thought I was good. After importing into lightroom i noticed some of the photos were heavy pixelated and clearly messed up/corrupted. Now I'm not sure if my memory cards both failed, which seems unlikely, or is my Camera failing??? Having purchased the memory cards through Amazon I'm thinking it was the cards. Also is it normal for a 128 card to create 2 different folders? I have never seen that before but I have never shot this many photos. Usually there is only one image folder in my experience. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
  2. I noticed the same issue after updating to IOS 13. I have to reboot the iPad, while the apple card reader adapter its still connected. A reboot seems to solve the problem.
  3. The A7iii focusing is much better than the a7sii. I am finding the low light performance is very good on my a7iii as well. I previously owned the a7si. Focusing was the major draw back with that camera.
  4. What is your record level set on your camera at(through the menus)? It maybe set too high and it's recommend to set it to 1 when using a connected mic.
  5. Varavon sells an external battery solution, works very well!
  6. Shoot100 Mb/s XAVC S much higher quality!
  7. Plastic Flap-covering on bottom -near the battery cover has started to come off, its hanging on. It seems that it somehow got loose and I can't seem to wedge it back on. I could unscrew the side panel and lift it back in, which scares me. Second option would be to cut off excess and glue it back on. Anyone else ran into this problem?
  8. The 30 min recording rate is common for still cameras. It has to do with the taxation of still cameras vs. video cameras. Not sure why you are getting sections for your files. I own a A7s. It might be a weird setting you have in your movie recording.
  9. I gave up shooting slog2 just because it is hard to properly expose my footage, especially for daytime shots. Your slog footage will look much better after color correction! I think your filetype should be .mov. Check your camera settings that you are using the highest quality. Also check your memory card supports the higher quality. You need the SDXC
  10. Anyone using the came tv single gimbal? Just wondering to hear your experience using it. It looks very easy. Please let me know how it is working for you. Perhaps some sample footage too? Thanks!
  11. The camera has a recording max time of around 30 mins I believe. You need to stop recording for a short period during your recording and hit record again or buy an atoms external recorder. The atoms will give you unlimited recording time. To join them you will need a video editing program. Fcpx or iMovie , or Premiere pro etc.. There should be a setting in your camera options for setting the file type.
  12. too bad there was not an apple pencil review. That is what makes the iPad pro awesome to me.
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