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Some advice on ps5.1 and a photo?

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Hi everyone nice to see you all posting, we have a splendid community of artists here i feel & love your work, inspiring!! ;)  :)


I politely wonder if i may acquire some assistance and advice with a photo, i want to lighten up the dark areas of the 2 birds without over brightening the background for a print job, can this be done in ps5.1?


I've tried in a few other programs but it always blows out the background too much, its a raw file and the details are in there, but how to bring out in isolation?


Can the birds be selected using a selection tool in ps5.1 and then just those darker areas of the birds bodies etc lightened up, without blowing out the background as well?


If anyone knows, can you chronologically list the process for me, if you dont mind, it would be very good to know if this is possible and how it is done, im not great at ps unfortunately.


Thanks in advance from me. 


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