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  1. Hi everyone Huge shout out to Sony for saving my gallery of work here [foto-fanatic] i am determined to save up for another Sony 'a' full frame & lenses sadly my kit got stolen a while back but soon as im back on track i will be back here to post up my work you can bet on that. With much regards & kindest respect; David.:-( OOOh i cant wait hehe. Thanks Sony your fantastic to me!
  2. foto-fanatic

    Seaside Sessions

    Capturing images along the way as i take my walk each day.
  3. foto-fanatic

    Portraiture & Peoples.

    This album is the focus of the human element in my creative process.
  4. Hi everyone nice to see you all posting, we have a splendid community of artists here i feel & love your work, inspiring!! I politely wonder if i may acquire some assistance and advice with a photo, i want to lighten up the dark areas of the 2 birds without over brightening the background for a print job, can this be done in ps5.1? I've tried in a few other programs but it always blows out the background too much, its a raw file and the details are in there, but how to bring out in isolation? Can the birds be selected using a selection tool in ps5.1 and then just those darker areas of the birds bodies etc lightened up, without blowing out the background as well? If anyone knows, can you chronologically list the process for me, if you dont mind, it would be very good to know if this is possible and how it is done, im not great at ps unfortunately. Thanks in advance from me.
  5. Do you need to convert to dng for cs6? I do for cs5 with sony raw. Perhaps i should update acr 9.
  6. @mode1, i think its how there sold ie body only or with kit lens etc. Correct me if im wrong, so the update is about to happen it seems. Let us know if theres any other features that come with it or points of interest you notice. Thanks.
  7. Still no new firmware as of today[weds 18th] on sony aus so,,,,,,,,,,,,? Im guessing any day now it will come, anyone checked sony usa or europe etc? Im a big fan of firmware updates lol. It may be a time zone thing or delayed etc.
  8. On November the 17th so i read, it apparently improves auto focus and introduces full non compressed 14 bit arw files, just a heads up to members and the like. Wooo~Hoo how cool, i read it on dpreviews, about time hehe. {if this has already been posted i apologise]
  9. HAHAHAHAHA, CLASSIC!!! Doesnt that look a bit big for the new leica?
  10. @golem, I can understand the single lens philosophy you refer to Golem, it forces one to make the very best use out the limits imposed, it requires more thought to achieve artistic integrity. Challenges one to think harder about the shot and how to make it work, i got 3 lenses in my kit atm and often limit myself to one of them when shooting outside without any particular theme involved, and rotate them around like that. i often come back to the zoom tho for its flexability. Growing to love the couple of old nikkors i use, they are not the sharpest but the colours and spatial integrity is superb. I think its easy to get hung up on sharpness, now i shoot soft deliberately sometimes because it has its own look and feel. So for me its the zoom if i had only 1 lens to choose from, the 70-200f4. @steves landscape=very creative with the rock and the sun, i like.
  11. I think he is pretty funny actually, i like his dry sarcasm and fearless critique, even if its wrong sometimes lol. You dont have to take everything you read on the net seriously, its your choice, nobody makes you read or agree with anything. His info on lenses can be very handy as i feel he has quite good opinions on older lenses performance and other info.
  12. I wonder when it will happen though, we have all been waiting for this for a while, though the difference it makes may be very minimal i feel.
  13. I take lots of pelican photos too, there amazing looking birds, nice work.
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