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cant find the xavc-s files from sony a7ii


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Hey all,

I am having this frustrating problem. I'm new to video so maybe its something simple I am missing. I am filming in XAVC-S, 60p 50M. But when I open the files on my macbook, I am only seeing mp4 files. I am trying to get them to premiere pro.


Googling around, I can’t really find a clear answer. Some are saying the mp4 files are a container for the xvac files, is that true? If it is true, why is there also an option for MP4 (how can it be both?) and do I need to do anything to those files to get that high quality video out of it? It just seems like the video quality of those mp4 files is really poor. Its not sharp and I’m shooting with good zeiss glad with plenty of light.



Here is how my folder hierarchy is.

MPROOT >100ANV01 (empty)

PRIVATE Has 3 folders:

  • AVCHD (its not a folder but a file that is labeled as “AVCHD Collection”) - 620bytes. When I click “show package contents”, something called BDMV appears and when I “show package contents” again, I get 3 folders (CLIPPING, PLAYLIST, STREAM) that are empty and then two .BDM files
  • M4ROOT (has the mp4s and thumbnails)
  • SONY (empty)

I'm pretty baffled. I'm missing something for sure. Thanks in advanced for your help!

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