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Upgrading from Sony A6400 to Sony A7 IV, 3 questions

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I am thinking of upgrading from my Sony A6400 to a full frame Sony A7 IV.

I am into taking photos of birds and I believe the eye detection and general auto focus would be better on the A7 IV for birds correct, compared to my A6400?

Would the A7 IV be better in low light than the A6400?

3rd question i use the Sigma 150-600mm DG DN Sports lens with my A6400. Will this lens work with the full frame A7 IV??


thanks for the help



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On 9/15/2023 at 1:52 AM, ohaya said:


It is a full-frame lens.  I've got one and have used it with my A7iv.


And even if it wasn't, it's possibly worth the OP knowing that the a7 series auto detects when you fit an APSC  lens and changes mode accordingly. A complete contrast to my Nikon full frame which requires fanning about in a sub menu to manually change the setting.


For me it means I can still use some of the great E (as opposed to FE) lenses I acquired for my trusty old a5100.

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