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a6700 RAW/HEIF combo shots

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I thought I would try shooting with my file set to shooting in RAW/HEIF mode just to do some comparisons out of interest.
I don't have need to keep image size low and prefer to shoot RAW only.

But when trying to import those images into either Adobe Bridge or Adobe LR Classic the raws are fine but the heif ones are extremely out of focus.
I did a bit of reading and it seems for quit some time, and not just with sony(Canon too), Adobe seems to have dropped the ball along the way in terms of support.

Although recent posts on these forums seems to indicate Adobe is up to date and now supports heif across the board, I'm wondering if it's something about the a6700 that saves these images a bit different. Hard to imagine a file format would be different from camera to camera - But none the less, like I said before those heif images are way out of focus yet the raws of the same shoots are perfectly in focus.

Wondering if someone might know what's up with all this.

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    • I’ve just shot a series of perfect shots at 300mm hand held at 1/10s on my Tamron lens with no oss.  I can’t get anywhere close to this with a lens having OSS.  Same thing at 100 with my Sony 24-105.   I am beginning to wonder whether I have a faulty camera that does not work properly with OSS. Yet the camera is so perfect with lenses that do not have OSS, so there is no problem with the IBIS.   Is anyone else having this experience? I find it very frustrating that Sony does not allow you to turn off OSS and leave ibis on, or vice versa. I’m almost wondering if they’ve done this on purpose so that nobody notices that ibis and OSS don’t work properly together. But I would love to hear from others on this topic, because if my camera is faulty, I need to get it fixed.
    • Having the shutter close to protect the sensor is wonderful but it doesn’t work when electronic shutter is on.  Wait!  It does, but that is not the default and you need to be a genius to enable this with silent shutter on….it took me weeks to discover. It’s a hurried feature called “target in silent mode”.  why is there a way to create a shortcut for some things and not others? Like recall memory settings from card.   why are some settings saved to custom dial modes and others are not? For example I shoot with back button autofocus by disabling focus’s on half-press.  It would be useful to have normal half-press focus and other things saved to a custom mode for when I hand my camera to someone who is not used to back button, but stupidly Sony decided arbitrarily that this would be one of the few things NOT saved to a custom mode.  Why?..?   No reason.      these little things really bug me when I just spent 5k on what I hoped would finally be a perfect camera.  These things add up.   Please add to this list and maybe Sony will listen and update the firmware .   
    • Given the additional info, if you want to travel reasonably light and have one lens that can do a little bit of everything, the Tamron 28-200 is the best option. Reasonably wide (and fast) at 28 mm end to deal with urban environments and landscapes and long enough at the tele end to allow you to isolate elements in the landscape when hiking. 
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