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JPEG + RAW question

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Hi all,

I have always shot in RAW. However, since starting working with clients I did opt for JPEG + RAW, so that the client can select the pictures prior to me editing --> time efficiency = win. 

However, I have noticed that even the RAW files display "J-fine 29m", and I do think (although I could be imagine) that the pictures recently have somewhat lower quality. What gives? Seems like J-fine means it is a jpeg picture ?

I am very confused.

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It would help to say which camera you are using.

There are multiple settings involved. You get to choose what kind of JPEG to use (size and quality) and what kind of RAW to use (depending on the camera, could be compressed, uncompressed, or lossless compressed, possibly in sizes). You also need to choose to shoot RAW+JPEG.

It is possible that you have switched from RAW to just JPEG - I hope not, but do check for that.

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I suspect that the choices vary from camera to camera.  On mine, I can choose RAW + JPEG or CRAW + JPEG.  In both cases, the JPEG is FINE, NOT EXTRA-FINE.  I can get RAW plus JPEG EXTRA-FINE, but it requires two separate exposures.  However, I would think that for your purposes, JPEG FINE would be "fine".  Depending on your camera, those JPEG files could be large, however.

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