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Hi All,

I had a Sony wireless remote something like the one in the attached photo (RMTDSLR2CE) for some time but misplaced it on a recent trip. Now trying to find a replacement that will work RELIABLY with my A1 and A7riv. Either physical or in an app. I've tried IEM and can get it to adjust camera settings, but not to trip the shutter - instead I get an error message saying it's not connected even though it obviously is since other functions work. Have tried a couple of 3rd party apps (Camrote & Monitor +) and not been too thrilled with them either. Anyone found an app that's reliable (i.e., trips the shutter when you tell it to - the first time)? Or am I better off buying another physical remote? If a physical brand, Sony or aftermarket? And if Sony, the RMTDSLR2 (now about US $30 - much cheaper than when I first purchased it) or the RMTP1BT for US $80?

Thanks - much appreciated.


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Considering your need for a reliable remote for your Sony A1 and A7riv, it might be wise to opt for a physical remote for consistent performance. The Sony RMTDSLR2 (at a lower price point) or the RMTP1BT (at a higher price point) are both good options to consider, with the latter offering Bluetooth connectivity. It's generally recommended to go with Sony's official accessories for seamless compatibility and dependable functionality. While apps can be convenient, physical remotes often offer better reliability when it comes to critical functions like tripping the shutter.

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This may not fits your needs, but there are also cable releases that are very reliable.  That's what I prefer.  I use the shot (18") & long (15 feet) Minolta cables, but I'm sure there are others under the Sony & other labels.

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