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  1. Okay that's good to know, I don't know much about Sony's line of A-Mount cameras. I think I'll try to pick up an A7iii once I get enough saved for a lens to go with it. Thanks for the help everyone!
  2. I want to eventually go full e mount, would it be smart to go a mount with an adapter for e mount? Again looking for a sports photography capable body
  3. I've been doing more thinking and research. It looks like the Sony A7iii is what I need to shoot for, I have a cousin who has one so I'll test hers out. For more options though, is it even a smart idea to think about a Sony DSLR and buy an Amount->Emount adapter? I'm basically starting over buying lenses (other than a sigma 150-600 w/ mc-11) so would that scenario even be something to look into?
  4. I don't expect the same greatness as the A9ii, just another camera. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. ^ I want a backup body but also to use it as a second shooter. Ex. Using a super telephoto on the A9ii and maybe a 70-200 on the 2nd body
  6. I'm looking to upgrade my Canon DSLR to a FF Sony. I don't have a huge budget, maybe $1000 or a little more. I already have a Sony A9ii and I want compatibility for the future. I'm in my first year of sports photography and will primarily be shooting sports. Any suggestions for a camera?
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