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Unsharp photo's telezoom lens for a5000


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I am a beginner and have a sony alpha 5000 camera and bought a Sony 75-300mm f/4.5-5.6 lens and A-mount to E-mount adapter. 
Pictures are very unsharp at every zoom-distance but even at 75mm. I tried to change the settings to different programs but the pictures remain unsharp. I also tried to put the camera on a table to avoid movement but this does not help. How can I get sharp pictures?

I really hope someone can advice me what to do!! Thank you a lot in advance!

Kind regards.

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Must ask, please, are you using adapter transferring electronical data from lens to the the body (I believe, yes, that should be the one)? Which adapter is it?

I would suggest trying completely manual focus MF testing, without any autofocus, then testing with autofocus AF and then with DMF direct manual focus as well. Next step would be testing the different settings with AF, there is number of those, best would be to test as much as possible. Some of those settings are really great, can position the focus at some exact place of the photo during photographing, regardless of the contrast and / or phase based focus.

Cannot be sure if the camera has some lens correction for focusing (recalibrating), but it must be written and explained at manuals. There may be even possibility to fix it in some relatively simple procedure.

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