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  1. I found that if I format the SD card in the camera it fixed the issue. I first exported the jpeg with Image Edge Desktop😉 If I import picture in Photos and delete them after import I get "Unable to display" in the camera Playback Does that mean that I have to format the SD cards each time I import picture to my Mac to avoid question mark and .ARW issue? I didn't had such trouble using my Fujifilm X-S10 Also, movie doesn't get imported automatically in Photos? Is /Private/M4ROOT/Clip the only way to export movie without opening Movie of Final Cut?
  2. I got a a7c recently. I could import the Raw files to Photos on my Mac without problem. But yesterday all the Raw files on my SD cards appears blank on the Finder or Photos. in Photos before import them I get the preview but after import them all RAW picture are blank in Photos. I could imported them on my iPad. I strange because I didn't upgrade my camera neither my Mac. I use compressed RAW files but I got the same issue with uncompressed files. The a7c version is 1.01 Mac MacBook Pro 16inch intel is 11.6
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