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Want to hear your recomendations about my future lens

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Hi everybody, I'm looking a manual lens to use it through adapter with my SONY a6300. I need 85mm and around it and diaphragm should be not more than 2.8.

I gonna use it for staged shooting and for shooting nature.

Can you recomend me something?

Japanice, old soviet lens or any lences what is possible to buy on ebay and aliexpress. 

Thanks in advance

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I don’t know about Russian or Japanese lenses, but if you manage to find a Sony Sal 85mm f/2.8 (A mount), it is a great lens. You said you were going to use an adapter, and if you have a Sony Adapter (as for example the LA-EA5), you will be able to use Automatic Focusing with it as well. This was one of the lenses known as “Easy Choice”. It was not expensive, and although it didn’t seem to be much of a lens, its optics were great, and it worked fine. I had one which was stolen from me, and I do miss it.

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I do lens reviews on my youtube channel ParadiseBizz. And I am more than happy to help and to recommend you something. 

Therefore it would be nice to know your budget. 

Are you ok with manual focusing? 

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