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  1. I think not. The eye focus belongs to the AF system (it works automatically if activated). The focus peaking is a great means of assisting manual focusing in my opinion and can be used and be effective for most subjects. It will highlight vertical lines (or almost vertical) being in focus if the camera is horizontal, and horizontal lines if the camera is in portrait (vertical) position, so one can turn the camera to whichever position would be better to focus manually (even to a diagonal position) and then turn it back if necessary to the intended position for the photo (portrait or landscap
  2. DEVPreach, it seems you have done a lot of research, but for what I have read about the differences of the a7, a7S and a7R models, a better “all around” Sony camera (as you put it) might be an a7 (with no S or R after the 7). Again, for what I have read, the R stands for resolution (more pixels) but then the sensor is less sensitive to light (smaller photosites), the S would stand for Sensitivity (and therefore, has fewer pixels), and the a7 would be something in between, and therefore, less specialized but more versatile. 24,2 Megapixels give a lot of resolution anyway and is enough for showi
  3. Problem solved (mine). I had to delete all references to the camera and the addresses of the wi-fi connection (or whatever is called) in my cell-phone (on the one recently updated to android 10, not android 9), and then allow the phone and Imaging Edge to recognize it again from zero. Now it works (differently though). In the phone where I have Android 6, to establish the connection, I only need to set the camera to connect and to initiate the connection directly from and in Imaging Edge. In the phone where I have Android 10, I need to set the camera to connect, then go to Adjustments >
  4. Checked. In my case, the problem seems to be due to Android 9. I tried and tried and couldn’t establish the connection. I have an old cell-phone which I keep because I use its GPS functions (I sail). It has Andorid 6. I downloaded and have just installed Imaging Edge Mobile in that phone and it works fine, as it should. And I can see the object to be photographed both on the cell-phone and on the camera’s screen, and I can trigger the shutter (and the photo is sent to phone).
  5. Hamza, I tried to check on my camera to see if I could add something to the subject, but now I can’t even connect via wi-fi. Everything was working fine, but a few days ago I accepted and did an update to Android 9 on my cell-phone. First thing that happened was that I got I sign saying that from now on, with Android 9, I ought to have the GPS on my cell-phone set to work to be able to establish a wi-fi connection with the camera. I did so (I switched on the GPS), but now, I am not being able to connect the camera to my cell-phone via wi-fi. I’ll keep trying and see if I can find out what an
  6. Have you set the camera to connect to your cell phone? It probably won’t establish a connection automatically, it doesn’t in the a7. I don’t know about the a7R ii, but I have just bought an a7 and after installing and setting Imaging Edge Mobile in my cell-phone as explained in the manual that came with my camera (that I could also download from the internet), each time I want to use my cell-phone with the camera I have to establish the connection via the “Menu” (as also explained in the manual). I can perfectly view the images on my cell-phone and trigger the shutter from it (though
  7. With the A7 you can establish a wifi connection to your Android cell-phone (I don’t know about an i-phone, but somebody else might know or it might be in the manual). You ought to download from Play Store, Imaging Edge for Mobile. You won’t be able to control all parameters of the camera. You will just be able to see the subject to be photographed on you cell-phone screen, and to action the shutter of the camera. The wireless remote control RMT-DSLR (at least the RMT-DSLR1) allows you to shoot the Sony a7 (just that). For tethering shooting with the a7, you can connect it to a c
  8. Hi, I am new to the forum but not to Sony cameras. My first reflex camera was a Minolta SR-T 101 and some years later I bought a Minolta SR-T 303. Back then I had the 50mm lenses and two Tamron Adaptall-2 zoom lenses (which I still have). Consequently, when I bought my first digital DSLR camera, I bought a Sony one and kept buying Sony cameras and Minolta and Sony lenses since then. I have a Sony Alpha A230, an A580, a Rx100 camera and have just bought an a7 (a brand new one).
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