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New technology too clever for the real world?

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I'm just on to my 4th generation Sony Alpha (A7iii) having started with the A100, then the A55, followed by the A77ii and I've not had a problem with any of them - I've still got the A55 and A77ii and both are still in good working order. Maybe its just that my lucky star has a Sony logo on it!!  

I suspect that Sony, the same as most mass manufacturing companies now, do not quality test every unit that comes off the production line. Instead they find it much less expensive to let you, the buyer, do it for them and then fix any issues that you find. Not good for customer service I agree bit that's how it is. 

As far as the posts on here are concerned, it is only the folk who have a problem who tend to post, and in relation to the number of cameras sold by Sony it has to be a very very tiny minority, whereas those who think their camera is the bees knees don't shout about it on these forums.

Take the plunge - you wont regret it.  Oh, and I am not a Sony shareholder !!!

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Thanks for the reassurance Alasdair. 

Trouble is, that I had no intention of upgrading but your last line has got me looking - which means I probably will be spending my money soon!

I hope the converters work as well as they say in the advertising, cos I really can't afford to change my a-mount lens yet!


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