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White Balance/Exposure Issues w/ Hot Shoe Flash - A7iii

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Greetings all,

I couldn't find an answer to these problems I have been having lately with the A7iii, so hopefully you guys can help!

I am shooting real estate on an A7iii with a 16-35 Zeiss F4 and a Godox V860ii-s hot shoe flash in TTL mode. Here are my problems: For one, if I leave the camera in auto white balance and even on a tripod, the camera will produce two completely different images if I take two pictures. One shot will be properly balanced color and the other will be all orange/red. 

The other issue I have is with my exposure and the communication from the A7iii to the flash. My colleague shoots using a Nikon Z6 and Canon EOS-R. Both cameras have native 16-35 F4 lenses on them and both are using the same hot shoe light. What's frustrating me is, despite setting all 3 cameras to 1/30, F8 and ISO 640, his Nikon and EOS-R produce far better exposed shots than my A7iii. It's obviously not the lenses or our exposure settings, so I must have missed a hidden setting on the A7iii menu system or the communication between the A7iii and the Godox flash.

Either way, I'm frustrated with having to either crank the ISO to 1,600-2,000 or waste time/money with figuring out the manual flash settings on the Godox for each room of the house.

Is there any advice anyone can give me to help solve these issues?

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Ok, I have some questions, but let me start by saying  I do not know anything about Godox.

I use the Metz 44 AF- 2, dedicated  for Sony, flash, and it functions perfectly on my A7 II, and on my A 9.

Is Godox, the same ? as in  Godox for Nikon , Godox for Cannon &  Godox for Sony ?  As in,  are you sure your Godox, is for a Sony ?

Have you searched the  Youtube clips, to see if anyone, has allready made a clip, about putting the  Sony & the Godox, together ?

Have you, updated the Sony Camera, to the latest software ?

Sometimes, an update adds  more  features, to what is allready ,a long & complicated  menu system .

Thats me, out of ideas, apart from, mebbe taking the two, to a reputable camera shop, and asking  there ?

I use my local branch of Jessops, as they have a Sony Brainiac, who just sorts it... then he tells you what he has done !

I hope you get an answer somewhere, then dont forget to post the solution, for others, who might be in the same boat !

Good Luck

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