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A6000 focus problem; noisy and blurry images

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Hello everyone! 
so, after much searching for an answer I guess I need to show (to someone who understands what I’m talking about) examples of my problem. 
the first images were shot with the kit lens (16-50) or the 18-200 OSS SONY lens (great lens!) a few years ago and had no editing. 
they were amazing! I could see them razor sharp in the PC and I’ve printed quite a lot of them (biz sizes as well). 
but lately (end of last year, and 2020) I’ve been seeing that the camera has much more difficulty to focus (it takes wayyy more time to focus) and most of the times doesn’t even focus at all. 
I used mainly P or SCN modes but now that I got a bit more to learn about photography I’ve been trying to get into M mode. And also bought a prime lens (Sigma 30mm f1.4). and the problem persists! Even with the sigma lens (which has the reputation of being perfect sharp) I see lots of noise and just not a good sharp image, not in the viewfinder and even less in my new Mac... 

I don’t know what to do. Wanted to buy a new one but I really loved my a6000 and don’t want to just dismiss it because it’s “outdated”. 

ah! I’ve upgraded the firmware and have initialised it many times... still, some photos are ok but not great and most of them do not focus at all! 

Suggestions? How can I be sure it’s defective?


Dropbox link to photo comparison: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u6mhu47ltmoecic/AADDNuVFUOUX_60RLm-xIetla?dl=0

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I also realised now that when using a higher f stop (with my sigma 35mm) the focus in the camera is really struggling - going back and forth back and forth... 😰 

and sometimes the viewfinder (but also the small view for your eye - don’t know what’s its name) goes all black. I have to switch off and on the camera to have it back. 

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    • By Safder
      I've had my Sony A6000 for at least 5 years, but for the last year or so, I've been randomly facing this issue where my focus appears to be continuously partially pressed. What that does is I am not able to do anything (click on anything else) other than clicking the shutter button to take pictures. Here's a picture of what it looks like

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. As you can see, my camera is just on, but it behaves as if I partially have the shutter button pressed. In the past, i've assumed that maybe my button is partially pressed, and I try to pull it awkwardly, sometime it works, sometimes it doesn't. This has become more of a problem recently and has made my camera almost unusable. Has anyone else faced this issue?

      I'm curious to know if these two lenses can be effectively used in FF bodies without invoking crop mode. For instance, in my Pentax APS-C setup, I can use my 35mm and 50mm lenses in compatible FF bodies (film and DSLR). There is very slight vignetting, but I can get a full frame view out of them.

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      Maybe I have something set wrong but when recording video on my a6000 I don't see them in playback mode. I see all of the photos I have taken but no video. I'm sure they're there because when using playmemories they show up (although they won't wirelessly transfer). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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      Hi All,  I rarely post to forums but I thought I'd see if others have the same feelings as I do.
      I loved my Sony a6000.  My work has been professional video and photo, mostly in industrial markets.  After years of owning a number of Nikon cameras, both film from an FE2 and up, and then digital fro the D1 and up from there, I thought I'd try the little Sony.  I was about to go to Alaska and didn't want to lug my D2 around.   I bought the a6000 with kit lens plus a Tamron 18-200. Here are some random thoughts after a few thousand shots on several trips.
      1.  It is small which is great! Easy to carry, the whole Domke camera bag filled with camera, lenses, filters, extra batteries, charger, cleaning stuff weighs less than just my D2 with a small lens.  Easy to carry all day and just forget that it's there.
      2. I do like the extra pixels over my older Nikons, much more room to crop.  But that's just the nature of the  newer sensor, not Sony specific. 
      4.  Focus was great with the Sony lens but I never liked the way that it focused with the Tamron .  "Fortunately" the Tamron was damaged in a drop so I decided to replace it with the Sony 18-200.  What a difference!! The Sony focused so much quicker.  I working with dozens of cameras and hundreds of lenses over the many many years I've never ever broken one, maybe it was karma.I wish I had just spent the extra on the Sony up front.
      5.  The start up lag is  horrible. With my Nikons I'd flick the switch as I brought it to my eye and it was ready to shoot like NOW!  With the Sony it's wait, wait, wait, oh, now it's ready and the shot is long gone. 
      6.  Battery use is horrendous. When I was shooting I always had to have a couple extra charged batteries in my pocket.  In between trips, etc., it seems that most of the time I needed it the battery was dead or nearly dead and the extras had lost charge too!  I've missed a lot of great shots because of that.  My Nikons would sit forever and be ready to shoot all the time. I could even leave the switch in the on position and it just worked.
      7. I never had luck using any of my other flashes on the Sony.  I have a number of different ones, I hated to go and pop for a Sony one.  And the Sony flash seemed extra long duration. Even using flash I would get motion blur that I never got with the big Nikons. The first time I used it at night was to take photos of a group of scholarship winners that was supposed to go in the paper.  Every shot had motion blur because I didn't realize that I had to put the Sony on a tripod or hold it very very carefully. Thank goodness that I took a couple extra shots with the Nikon D2 just in case. 
      8.  It always takes a while to find something in the menus.  I think there is just too much there so when I want to find something it takes a while.  Stop shooting, have a seat, explore the menus, ah, there it is!!!.  The other day I was giving one of my old Nikons to a friend to learn on and teaching them the camera. Even after not using it for a year I found that it was easy to find what I wanted to set up.
      Don't get me wrong, I love the little Sony, it's a great camera, takes amazing shots.  But it and I just never got along. I'm thinking to go back to one of my smaller body DSLR Nikons for travel and sell the Sony.   Anyone else have similar thoughts on going from a Canon or Nikon to the Sony or am I just weird? 
    • By Lennox Horn
      I have 2 issues using these functions for the first time on the Sony A6000 :
      When I shoot to register a face for the first time I continually get an error 'Cannot Register…Shoot Again'  When I set the chosen Smile shutter setting  no green frame appears to frame the face and trip the shutter Is there specific settings I that the camera should have before activating these two functions
      Thanks in advance of any pointers/advice to resolve this
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