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  1. I also realised now that when using a higher f stop (with my sigma 35mm) the focus in the camera is really struggling - going back and forth back and forth... 😰 and sometimes the viewfinder (but also the small view for your eye - don’t know what’s its name) goes all black. I have to switch off and on the camera to have it back.
  2. Hello everyone! so, after much searching for an answer I guess I need to show (to someone who understands what I’m talking about) examples of my problem. the first images were shot with the kit lens (16-50) or the 18-200 OSS SONY lens (great lens!) a few years ago and had no editing. they were amazing! I could see them razor sharp in the PC and I’ve printed quite a lot of them (biz sizes as well). but lately (end of last year, and 2020) I’ve been seeing that the camera has much more difficulty to focus (it takes wayyy more time to focus) and most of the times doesn’t even focus at
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