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Sony 300 f2.8 G SSm, A7R3 and Teleconverters

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Dear friends, 

Have been photographing birds for about two years now and the results are generally good to my liking. The Sony 300 G was really a Minolta with Sony stickers. Worked well but was/is quite slow in focusing. I needed a bit more reach so I managed to get a 1.4 x teleconverter (Minolta) Minolta AF 1.4 TELE CONVERTER APO D, but was very dissapointed when I found that the AF does not work with the teleconverter and that is a bummer.

I wonder if someone can guide me into finding the best solution to my problem; for example getting a SAL300f2.8G II and a Sony SAL14TC (of course, using the A to EF sony adaptor)... whatever as long as I can use the AF and with the hope that focusing is faster than the actual 300 2.8 G lens  

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Read the manual on LA-EA adapters: It mentions clearly that the use of A-Mount teleconverters will not work. 


Some have had some unpredictable success with other brand A-Mount teleconverters (Kenco Tamron for a few) but there is no assurance they will work either.

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Thanks a lot Michelb,

I have both LA-EA3 and LA-EA4 and regarding focusing they both do the same (that is, they don't focus when I install the 1.4 x Teleconverter)...

Problem is, I don't have the type of cash needed to purchase one of the new Sony 400 f 2.8 FE. It seems to me that Sony have left a huge gap by not offering a 300 2.8 FE mount at a more reasonable price.

Just wonder if there are other non Sony brands that have an FE connection I could use; it would also have to be a maximum of f4 and 300 mm or more....

Thanks again from sunny Spain ; )

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