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Star Wars Theme on Organ (Sony A6300)

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    • By photojunkie
      Hello, everyone! My name is Misty
      I just got a Sony a6300 a week ago today. I was wanting to upgrade to the Sony a7iii from my Nikon DSLR cameras (D600 and D300; I've also had Canon DSLR cameras in the past), but I couldn't catch it in stock. Since I needed a new camera for VBS at church last Saturday, my husband ran me up to our local Best Buy last Friday and bought me the 6300...so, I'm a week in! I do hope to be able to grab the a7iii later this year for my birthday in November or at Christmas, but I am loving the 6300 so far and will definitely keep it as my back up camera/teaching my three kids ( 12, 9, and 8 ) how to shoot!
      The only lens I have right now is the 18-135mm that came with it but, with time, I am hoping to get a longer zoom, a 50mm, an 85mm and maybe the 16mm just because I love how other people's landscape photos look with that lens. 

      I'm not a professional by any means, but I'm not a newbie either. I have loved pictures and photo albums for as long as I can remember, and I got my first real camera when I was in 7th grade. I'll be 32 here in a few months and I've had a lot of cameras since then. After I had my first child, that's when I wanted an awesome camera and got into Photoshop/Lightroom so I could create the best memories I possibly could have to look back on.
      This is my first mirrorless camera, though, and I am BEYOND excited for the adventures that Sonnie (what I named her) and I will be having together. I've taken pictures at VBS, the first day of school yesterday, at the fair, and our new church being build in just the seven days I've had it. I am also excited to learn how to take awesome videos with it!
      I still have a lot to learn, but that's why I'm here on this forum!!!

    • By Karen Lamba
      Hey Sony Alpha family,   I recently just formatted a card in the camera & since then the screen has been flashing upon start up & non of the buttons are responsive. I took out the card to see if that was causing the issue, but starting up with the battery alone has the same effect. Screen kept flashing & I could not do anything with the camera. When I turned it off, the flashing just continued.   Anyone else experienced this before?
    • By OmrMor
      I've been having a problem when recording with my Sony A6300.
      The problem is that every time I start recording, it automatically stops at the 20th second.  I've tried to change the settings and see if the problem has to do with that but no, I even bought Sony's sd xc I U3 64GB
       memory card and nothing has changed. I would like to know if somebody else has this problem and how it can be fixed.
    • By Makeev
      Penza City Lights on Sony A6300 / A7s / A77v 

      Shot from 2014 to 2017 on Sony A6300 / A7s / A77v / and few scenes on BMPC 4K / Panasonic GH5
      Moon shot on Sony A6300 + Russian MTO 1000mm f8 and Sony 30mm for stars background.
    • By Wolfzone
      Most unfortunately I may need to return my Sony a6300 that I recently acquired. I notice a distinct tilt of my images when using the EVP (also when I upload them) but images are straight/level when I view them on the LCD screen. I'm a committed EVP lover so this is highly disappointing to me. I actually purchased another a6300 and had to return it to Sony for this issue and this camera (another a6300) was a replacement. Has anyone experienced this issue? So disappointed. Thanks much.