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Viewing images on 4k tv.

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I want to stream images wirelessly to my tv.  Currently   I have a Philips hd tv equipped with a Chromecast device, but the camera does not find this in my wireless network. As the tv is some 8 years old I can understand it may not be compatible, but Chromecast is more recent.  I am thinking to buy another tv, but what are the specs I should be looking for to be able to connect my camera. (ilce7rm3) Sony tv's are an obvious choice, but what makes them compatible? There are so many different types and sub-types.  The manual speaks of "compatible tv", kind of vague to me.  Who has experience with this? The new tv has to be 4k, that much is obvious to me.

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Some "eye fi" wifi cards are just basic eye fi cards 

and participate in most any wifi environment. BUT, 

the SanDisk "PRO" series eye fi cards are capable 

of autonomous transmission. They can broadcast

to wireless receptive devices [PCs etc] even where

there is no wifi environment currently running.  


So a "PRO" series eye fi card may be your solution 

but I have not tried this. Just offering a headzup cuz 

it is not widely understood that there's 2 completely 

different classes of eye fi cards. You'd be bypassing 

your camera's built-in wifi and that in itself may hold 

the key. 

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