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  1. Lescatalpas

    A7iii: Help me get the AWB right

    I just did some trials with my a7r3 on raw files with very different wb settings and included a grey item in the picture. I apologize, you are right, the difference is clearly seen, but, as I stated, when using the grey item as a reference in the raw converter, the results are exactly the same. I come from pentax and with that cam raw was always raw, apparently sony applies the wb setting to the raw file. Having said all that, my cam is always on AWB and RAW, and when I think there is an anomaly in the colors, I easily correct it in post. Most of the time I change the wb on purpose in post to create an atmosphere more appropriate to the circumstances, not because I think the camera had it wrong. In the end it is as the video above: Is my red the same as your red. Again, accept my apologies for creating the confusion.
  2. Lescatalpas

    A7iii: Help me get the AWB right

    Let me try to say it in another way: The white balance setting doesn't affect the image data in the RAW file. Short answer: No, changing the WB does not affect the RAW image. It only effects the little jpeg you see on the back of your cam. So, if you see different results then expected, it is your raw developer causing these differences. Probably some algorithm interpreting your raw file. For accurate wb settings, include a grey card in your photo and use that as a reference to set the wb right in your raw converter. In my opinion it is not your camera, but your software for post-processing.
  3. Lescatalpas

    A7iii: Help me get the AWB right

    if you shoot raw, it makes no difference how you set the wb. when shooting raw you have to use a developer, like lightroom and here you set the color to your liking. wb settings are only applied to the jpeg you see on your camera screen.
  4. Lescatalpas

    24mm GM review

    The level tool is not that accurate. Even when the indicators are green, you can still be a degree off. But as stated, lightroom fix is so easy, most of the time it even works automatically, depending on the picture/ and or only a part of the horizon visible. Then you have to do it manually, which is a breeze too.
  5. Lescatalpas

    Sony 70-300mm SEL lens

    I agree, I have experienced that on rare occasions. When in burst mode, it is possible to see difference in sharpness between the shots.
  6. Google? I quit Flickr, as I am not accepting a 100 % increase in pro fees.
  7. Lescatalpas

    Sony A7 vs A7s

    There are lots of reviews out there..... If I were you I would at least go for the second generation of the A7 series. The first generation of these cameras has poor ergonomics and the flange where you mount the lenses on is weak, so much so that there are aftermarket flanges to replace the original one. I had the A7ii, and found that rather noisy at higher iso ( low light). I now have the A7Riii, which also produces noisy pictures over iso 1600-2000. Since I do a lot of birding from a hide-out in a forest ( always dark) I am definitely considering an A7Sii as a second body, but will wait a while until the A7Siii comes out. Prices of second hand A7Sii will definitely drop then.
  8. Lescatalpas

    Helios-44-2 2/58

    You may be very right, but there is not a lot to complain for €15. By the way, the Helios 44-2 58mm is a Russian copy of the Carl Zeiss Biotar. My copy is sharp, look at the eye of my doggie in the first photo I posted in this chapter. Maybe I was first time lucky? 😉
  9. Lescatalpas

    Helios-44-2 2/58

    Mine was 15euro +postage 😁
  10. Lescatalpas

    Helios-44-2 2/58

    An experiment with the Helios, reverse mounted on my A7riii:
  11. Lescatalpas

    Helios-44-2 2/58

    I have a Helios 44-2 for a couple of weeks now. The bokeh is crazy! Sharpness is ok a little stopped down. An example : Lotje, my doggie.
  12. Lescatalpas

    Full Size vs APS-C

    To be complete correct: It's more a digital crop, rather than a digital zoom. You use the same sensor, but only the part equivalent to apsc size.
  13. Lescatalpas

    Sony a7r III from Canon Question

    The green auto mode changes settings according to what it thinks the camera sees. It takes no account for, for instance, fast moving items. It's even easier to buy your wife a good mobile Phone.
  14. Lescatalpas

    Sony a7r III from Canon Question

    You are in the wrong part of the menu. To start with you set all parameters you want your wife to use. Focus area, single focus, continuous focus, you name it. You can set everything to your liking, aperture , iso min / max. Then you go to the menu (camera icon)1, page 3, then the 5th item from the top: Memory. You then see an overview of your current settings and you can choose which memory you want to save these settings to. 1,2, and 3 are on the dial, m1 m2 m3 and m4 will be stored on your memory card (one of them). These will be lost if you format the card.
  15. Lescatalpas

    Full Frame to APS-c

    I agree, too many simple questions are asked here, the answers are all in the manual. The toggling to apsc size can be handy though, it can help in critical manual focussing, for instance for macro. Your full frame 90 mm behaves like a 135mm, in fact it is only cropping in camera, but most of the time for a bee or another small insect you crop in post any way. Or for birding from a hide out. I use it regularly and have the toggle under the Fn button on my a7riii. You don't need apsc lenses to use this feature.