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  1. Adapted lenses always disappoint. The focusing is almost always less fast than with native lenses. Better go for the sony 16-35 f/4 or if money is no issue go for the 16-35 f/2.8 f/1.8 is nice , but depth of field is so narrow that in real life you will use f/2.8 or f/4 anyway. Both sony lenses are full frame and fit your camera perfectly.
  2. Don't think so. I have an A7R3 and experience the same. I even bought a Sony phone, thinking it should work better together. The bluetooth connection is not stable. Perhaps (I hope) this gets fixed in a future update. I believe there will be a major overhaul of the app, currently playmemories mobile. It will become Imaging Edge mobile.
  3. Maybe I am rude when I state some people are too lazy and ask silly questions, but hé, apparently not everybody here reads or speaks English / American. (maybe they even don't understand rtfm 😉 )
  4. Choose a different focus area. You are now in expand flexible spot mode. But as Chrissie says, read the manual. There is an electronic one on the internet, more elaborate than what came with the cam.
  5. Tinplater, as you say, noise is very subjective. Personally I hate noise and hardly ever shoot over iso1600 for that very reason. Your owl is beautiful, I like the bokeh, but it lacks sharpness and for me there is too much noise. If at all possible I shoot from a tripod. Please find a link to a Flickr photo : This was shot with a FE70-300 on an a7r3, from a hide out. Iso800 and noise reduced in post (LR)
  6. Arctic butterfly by visibledust. It's a static brush (the brush is motorized to rotate it before use. It gets a static charge that way) It's more powerful than a blower and it's still a dry operation. I have used it many times with success. Make sure your sensor is blocked by switching off the in body stabilization.
  7. In lightroom I can import from any slot. I also see them both, I can choose in lightroom from which slot to import. Is your usb output set right in the menu? USB connection should be set to "mass storage" You find this setting in the menu, toolbox. If your setting is right, try another card.
  8. Alistair, too many questions to answer in writing, but you will find all your answers in above video on youtube. Very useful, simple to follow, very extensive info you will not find in the manual, at least not clearly.
  9. Nice series. If there is enough light the 70-300 performs perfectly.
  10. I don't know which body you have, but on a7 cameras you can switch to apsc mode. But I think you are making a wrong assumption: 12mm full frame is 18mm on apsc, you are thinking it is the other way around? A 12mm apsc ( normally the mm are stated for full frame) is only equivalent to 8mm on full frame. And you will have black corners.
  11. Am pretty sure altitude is not included, nothing wrong with your set-up.
  12. You will find this Sony ambassador from Australia, Mark Galer, very useful: http://www.markgaler.com/alpha-movies One of the movies is an extensive tutorial on how to use the AF functions.
  13. Hopefully you have been good the past year, so Santa will reward you. 😉 I warmly recommend the Adobe subscription approach, you are always up to date with lightroom classic, have full access to photoshop plus lightroom cc for when you are travelling.
  14. @Chrissie It is indeed a pity not to use Raw with such a fine camera. Re: the artefacts in the sky; they are absent in the picture posted without the link to Flickr. But we are digressing, I think the 28-70 kitlens is not so bad.
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