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  1. I have the very same thing. Also focusing is sometimes hesitant, so much so that I use the back button focus and have switched the focus with shutter release button off. It has something to do with the button itself, for when I use a wired remote (and switch focus with shutter release button on ) focusing is instant and the camera takes only one picture. I am thinking to send the cam in for repairs as it is still under warranty.
  2. Maybe your rental 70-300 was not up to speed? If I were you I'd try another one. You wrote that you thought your rental was perhaps a bit mis-used. My copy is certainly sharp over the whole range. I am surprised you state that past 200mm you see the performance go down. I don't experience that at all, and I use the lens mainly at 300mm. (if sony had a 300mm f/4 I would switch to that, but alas they don't.) Here another example of a 300mm shot: (this time you hopefully see it full size, not reduced to fit this forum) please click the picture to go to my flickr page
  3. May I add that I have done away with adapted lenses. It is always a compromise or has some limitations. Native lenses perform better mainly in terms of focus speed and use of all the focus points. The adapters may have improved though, we are a few years further down the line. But most of the time you get what you pay for. (pay peanuts, you get monkeys).
  4. I own the 70-300 and am quite pleased with it because it is not just a long zoom lens. I use it a lot as a macro lens ( or close up lens) since it can focus from less than a meter. It is sharp enough for me, but best at f/8, so you need plenty of light. For working from a hide-out it is good enough, if the weather is fine. Another negative point is it has no tripod connection or collar. There are Chinese solution for that though, but not ideal. On the positive side, it is well built and it is affordable. Just a random example: (this is a crop of about 3000x3000pixels) reduced to 724kb. 300mm f/8 1/100sec
  5. @PieterWhich 50-55mm prime would you recommend? Preferably no ca, no distortion, quick to focus, well built . I am looking for a €900 or less price tag. Oh, i forgot, sharp as well.
  6. @PieterIn normal everyday use it is a great lens. Yes, against the light you have some or a lot of ca, yes you can have onion rings, but under extreme conditions. On the whole it is well built, good image quality at any aperture, sharpest around f/5. I own it and use it on an a7r3 and am very happy with it. a quote from the review you mention: All in all the Sony FE 1.8/55 ZA T* is a very well balanced lens which is both a very good performer in about any discipline and yet it is so portable that you don’t have to think twice about putting it into your bag. Few lenses manage this balance as well. In light of this performance the rather high price seems to be justified. I am in no way defending the lens because I own it, it simply is a very good lens, way above average.
  7. Buy the a7iii...... better still: the a7riii or save up fot the a7riv or the a9. All these models have greatly improved since the a7ii.
  8. No, it is not possible anymore. Your previous a7 had apps installed (play memories mobile, the predecessor of imaging edge mobile.) and what you want worked with one of those apps. Sony stopped with those apps on later a7 models. Perhaps it is possible to install imaging edge (not the mobile version) on your pad and fully control your camera using your pad connected via a cable to the usb port of your camera. But I am not an apple man myself.
  9. My experience with this battery in an A7r3 is rather good. When I am in a hide out to shoot birds, the camera is on continuous for about 5-6 hours. Over that period I may have shot 600-800 photos, all on a single battery. At the end of the session the battery is near empty. When the camera was new ( and so was the battery) the battery was not empty at the end of the session. The batteries ( I have 2) are now 20 months old and I would estimate they have now 75-80% of their original capacity.
  10. I guess you can drain the battery by reviewing photos without shooting a single picture. (According to what I read, the evf uses more juice than the monitor. ) There are too many unknown variables to say if 350-400 is disappointing. Not only the amount of reviewing, but temperature, age of the battery etc. play a role.
  11. Yes, it is included. https://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/install.html With this exiftool you can read every info stored with the file. You need the original raw file (not a lightroom modified one)
  12. I use my a7r3 a lot for birding. Birds go a lot faster than planes (relatively) given the distance between subject and camera. Another variable is , is the plane flying towards you or perpendicular to you. Birds against a blue sky are perfectly picked up by the camera using wide focus area, but as soon as trees are in the frame I use the expanded flexible spot. By the way, iso50 is not meaningful , as the base iso of the cam is 100. It is best to keep your iso at 100 and increase your f number for more depth of field. Better still: use iso auto and iso auto min.ss at 1/1000. And use aperture priority, f8 or more.
  13. I don't know how far you were from the plane, your f number used, focal lenght, shutter time, but when you use autofocus c-wide, you should realize the camera picks the closest item to your camera, in this case the closest wing tip. With autofocus c-centre you can aim at a point of your choice. For situations like this I use expand flexible spot, you can set this point anywhere, and in this way choose a composition you like. But I agree with martti, at that distance dept of field should be sufficient to cover the whole plane, regardless of your f number. I would try the following settings: Aperture priority, f8, iso auto, with ISO auto min.ss set at 1/1000, focus area expand flexible spot.
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