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How to import Sony a7sii media into FCPX on Mac?


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Hi All,


I have connected cam to Mac with provided USB cable.


In FCPX import window, cam is appearing on left side of screen as ILCE-7SM2.


However, NO media is showing (it is in camera - I've checked!).


Also, when connected by USB, cam is NOT appearing on Mac desktop, or in finder.


Apple staff trying to help but they say that this model cam doers not appear to be supported by them.


Can anyone please`se let me know how to import media from camera into both Mac and FCPX?


Many thanks.

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Try and dump your footage to your computer via the SD card instead of connecting your camera via USB. This lets you have direct control over your media assets. You will ideally want to store & label your footage from the macOS Finder and then simply use Final Cut to link that footage instead of making a copy within the Final Cut library.


Make sure you've updated Final Cut Pro X to the latest version. The earliest versions didn't support the XAVC-S format from the a7S II.

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