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Projector Lens Adaptation attempt


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Inspired by the many lens adaptations going on , i picked up an old projector to attempt one myself, 

after some research this is my Frankenleicaony :))) 

i managed to get 2 leica projector lenses , 90mm f2.5 and a 35mm f2.8 , the 35mm elmaron came with the focusing 

tube which was to me very important , the 90mm also fits into the elmarons focusing housing which is nothing but a black tube.

taking into account the sizes and trying to attach it to a m42 helicoid did not work for me , so i ordered an m52 to m42 helicoid which the lenses and  its black focusing tubes fitted into , sadly this is not perfect so a little electrical tape did the trick , this will be replaced by a step up ring when it arrives from timbuktu (hopefully) 

attaching all this to an m42 to nex does not work , but it works perfectly with an m39 to nex , the 2 adapter to nex were of the same brand so i took out the silver thread rings and tried swapping them over , the m42 thread rings outer rim was 3-4mm wider so out came the file and several hours later it slotted in to the m39 adapter housing perfect , everything works fine , intact beyond my expectations i can focus from about 30cms out to infinity and do some pretty good close ups , 

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    • You will see approximately NO difference when shooting stills - if you shoot lossy compressed RAW at full speed you might start to build a buffer backlog, and that will clear a little faster with CFeA cards like the Lexar Gold or Sony Tough. But it is marginal. You WILL see a difference if your shoot 1000+ images and download them with a fast reader to a local SSD - they will download much faster than even the fastest SDs. But that’s a marginal reason to get them (unless you are in the habit of shooting thousands of images - I do that more on the A1 for obvious reasons) The CFeA cards are pretty tough - I have some Sony and some Lexar, all 160GB - but I mainly got them for the A1 - I use them in the A7RV because I already have them. I don’t think you really need CFeA cards (buy them if you want, though). I’d be tempted to get a couple of 128GB or 256GB Sony Tough G SD cards instead. The G cards are worth it because they enable things like high frame rate 4k, and they download faster. Basically, I’d recommend fast UHS-2 SD cards (300 read / 299 write is good) over slower UHS-1 cards. Whatever you do, don’t buy 90MB/s cards! I like the Tough cards, but like you said the Lexar Gold are much cheaper in CFeA - I bought a couple to try them, and to encourage Sony to drop their price!
    • I have been shooting Sony for 5 years (A7r3,  A73, A6400).  Taking delivery of the A7r5 in a few weeks.  I will NEVER (never say never!), shoot 8k and am primarily a still pro shooter.   I plan to get 2, Lexar Professional 160GB CFexpress Type A Gold Series cards Up to 900MB/s.  The Sony tough cards with the same spec are close to $200 more for a pair.  IS THIS speed spec overkill considering I'm shooting primarily still, and occasional 4K videos?  Thanks in-advance for any replies. 
    • The Sigma 105mm macro lens DG DN Art is on Ver.02 2023.01.26. Though I haven't upgraded that lens, I have upgraded a couple of other recent Sigma lenses and it is quite simple using the Sony camera and detailed on the Sigma website. Do a quick Google search and you will find the information you seek. Link: https://www.sigma-global.com/en/lenses/a020_105_28/?tab=support&local=firmware
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