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A9 and 100-400GM sports

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    • By mikejones3
      I took this just South of Big Sur in Northern California just above the famous highway 1. 
      I used a Sony A9, f14 and 2.5s
    • By mikejones3
      Excited to be here, planning on sharing and asking lots of questions. Really love photography but sometimes need help navigating the settings on my Sony ;-)
      Always looking to learn and grow as a Photographer!
      I live in San Diego Right now, and focus on landscapes, but always willing to branch out and try something new!
    • By mikejones3
      I have a Sony A9 (Still trying to learn all the settings) and I recently lost some pictures because a card got corrupted while shooting.


      I decided to now use the second card reader slot and set the camera to simult for recording mode. Assuming this records pictures to both slots?


      Also Assuming since my camera is set to shoot raw that it will record in raw on both?

      My last question is, how do I accesses the second card when I plug it into my computer so I can clear both cards to delete images after importing? And assuming lightroom will only import from the slot one card?

    • By Romeo Bravo Photo
      I shot a Fashion Editorial in December to compare the Sony a7R III, a9, and Hasselblad X1D.  It was just published in Promo Magazine yesterday.  I am working on a user review based on this shoot if you are interested...
      Photo: www.romeobravophoto.com
      Model: Kiersten Dolbec
      Sony a7R III with Rokinon 35/1.4 AF

      Sony a9 with Rokinon 35/1.4 AF

    • By West
      A9 + sel 24-105/4 @f4