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  1. Hi, I'm back with another travel lens question for anyone that has been to Burma before. I'm going to be visiting the country soon and I'm debating if my 100-400mm lens will get much use there, In particularly around Inle lake and Bagan area. For a portrait lens would you bring one that is more geared towards environmental portraits (35-50mm) or something more like a short telephoto lens? I know you can use a short telephoto for environmental shots but I'm not sure how much space there is too work with in the temples, monasteries, etc. Thanks
  2. Thank you all for the replies, It sounds like the 18mm will be more than enough for Morocco. I agree with you Mike, ultra wide angle lenses are not ideal for street photography...I prefer my X100f for that task. Great pictures Ron, thanks for sharing
  3. I'm going to be traveling to Morocco next year. The widest lens i currently have is a Batis 18mm. I've never used a 12-24mm before, should I consider picking one up for this particular destination? I'm sure the lens is great for architecture and landscape but how about street photography?
  4. Thank you Steve, i appreciate your response and examples. Both lenses do seem to exhibit really nice bokeh and sharpness where desired. I guess the question for me will come down to whether i desire a lens for environmental portraits or one for tighter composition. Hmm, first world problems 😉 thanks again!
  5. For portraits I'm wondering what everyones opinion is between these two lenses. Does the Planar lens offer something special? I mainly focus on travel photography, weight and size are not a concern to me.
  6. It's images like yours that really swayed my decision to purchase the 100-400mm, all the examples are so sharp and of such high quality. I'm really excited to get some hands on experience....thank you
  7. I'm sorry, i didn't see your reply until today....thank you So I went ahead and ordered a 100-400mm, I'll get some hands on time next week. Unless a unique opportunity presents itself, I agree that there won't be enough separation of the background for portraits. Instead my plans for this lens will be to photograph wildlife and distant landscapes on my travels. A 1.4x teleconverter is something i plan on buying in the future. I appreciate the comparison photographs...fantastic captures btw....Thanks
  8. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and opinions, this lens has peaked my interest for landscape purposes. I stumbled across this great review recently Sony 100-400 gm Landscape review The 24-105 is a fantastic lens that I use for general purpose photography, significant overlap is something i'm trying to avoid in my kit...this is why I'm leaning towards the 100-400 lens. I think that I would find more applications for this lens in my travel photography kit than the 70-200.
  9. Hello everyone, I currently have the excellent 24-105 f4 lens, I'm wanting to add another zoom to my kit with more reach. I have an 85mm f1.8 to cover my portraits but i love how the 70-200 f2.8 renders and isolates at 200mm. If i pick up the 100-400 it would mostly be used for landscapes and wildlife. I am interested to know though if it would work well for portraits? Obviously the apertures are very different but I'm wanting an exceptional lens than gives me the most diversity. I'd love to hear from owners of both lenses.
  10. What lens and settings did you use for this fantastic shot?
  11. Hi Frank, I did a road trip through Yosemite and Giant Sequoia N.P. earlier this year. At the time I hadn't purchased my Sony kit yet, I used an 18-85mm lens for those parks. Your kit 28-70mm lens should be fine for Yosemite, Giant Sequoia N.P. is a different matter in my opinion. The immensity of those trees are hard to describe to someone who has never seen them before, I also find it's hard to capture the perspective on camera. I won't recommend a specific lens to you but I would bring an ultra wide lens, 16-18mm on the wide end is what I'd recommend. Think of this like you are going into the city to photograph the architecture of skyscrapers, that is your challenge.
  12. Thanks...I'm really looking forward to this one. I'll post my opinions about the lens once I get a good feel for it.
  13. I too have the Batis 25 and it is a fantastic lens. When the 24mm GM hit the streets, I knew I'd be better served with that lens for my travel photography. I was on the fence if I should sell my Batis or keep it. The other night I was on B&H and for a very short while and they had the GM in stock. 😬 Naturally I took this as a sign from god and snatched it up. Pretty excited to see what photos I can make with this new lens.
  14. Excellent examples, it really does look to be something special. Thank you!
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