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  1. Sony A7iii 24-105mm F/4
  2. Hi Frank, I did a road trip through Yosemite and Giant Sequoia N.P. earlier this year. At the time I hadn't purchased my Sony kit yet, I used an 18-85mm lens for those parks. Your kit 28-70mm lens should be fine for Yosemite, Giant Sequoia N.P. is a different matter in my opinion. The immensity of those trees are hard to describe to someone who has never seen them before, I also find it's hard to capture the perspective on camera. I won't recommend a specific lens to you but I would bring an ultra wide lens, 16-18mm on the wide end is what I'd recommend. Think of this like you are going into the city to photograph the architecture of skyscrapers, that is your challenge.
  3. Thanks...I'm really looking forward to this one. I'll post my opinions about the lens once I get a good feel for it.
  4. I too have the Batis 25 and it is a fantastic lens. When the 24mm GM hit the streets, I knew I'd be better served with that lens for my travel photography. I was on the fence if I should sell my Batis or keep it. The other night I was on B&H and for a very short while and they had the GM in stock. 😬 Naturally I took this as a sign from god and snatched it up. Pretty excited to see what photos I can make with this new lens.
  5. Excellent examples, it really does look to be something special. Thank you!
  6. I see many people out there (myself included) have been anxiously awaiting a comparison between these two lenses. Well today on the back pages of Google I stumped upon this comparison between these two lenses. I found it interesting and thought a few of you might as well. ***Disclaimer*** the review is in chinese text, you will have to use a translator app to view in English. http://immian.com/sony24gm-vs-batis25/
  7. That does sound better than the TT, thanks!
  8. Does the V350s hava an internal rechargeable battery?
  9. Thanks for that write up, I am strongly considering the Distagon. Right now I work overseas, when I'm back in the states for a while I think I'll go ahead and order one from B&H. If I get unlucky and get a bad copy I shouldn't have an issue returning the lens to them. From the group pics I've seen on Flickr it does indeed seem to be something special.
  10. Excellent, I feel pretty good about this flash now...thanks!
  11. I currently have the Batis 18/2.8, 25/2, 85/1.8 and the Zony 55/1.8 I don't really feel that I'm missing a focal length to support my style of photography. I do however like the 35mm focal length. I want to have a fast 1.4 aperture for my one "special" lens for certain projects.
  12. Thank you Serdor, I'll check out the NW400S...I have much to learn about flash photography. 📸
  13. Thanks for the feedback, I'll give the TT350S a try. I might consider a manual if/when I outgrow this smaller flash.
  14. Thanks for the replies, forgive my ignorance but what are you getting from the more expensive units? Are you paying for build quality or are they more accurate?
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