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Vello Accelerator - "SpeedBooster" adapter


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Received Vello's version of a "SpeedBooster" today. 

Will be returning it. The optics are excellent but they 

are not installed correctly, so infinity focus, or any 

focus beyond a few meters, is unavailable.   


This is a simple "dumb" adapter, but it has a ring to 

manually set the aperture. The ring jams up with AI 

lenses. The optics are so good that, if it had infinity 

focus, I'd just lock out that control ring [gaffer tape] 

and happily use the aperture ring on each lens, but 

unlike Metabones, there is no re-focusing provision. 


The Vello has really premium flanges and latches, 

the optics never provoke the "Dreaded Blue Spot", 

but its aperture adjuster is not of equal build quality 

and the damnt thing was built nearsighted. 

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