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SMAD-P3 hotshoe adapter with UWP-D11/16


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Please report any experience with the SMAD-P3 hotshot adapter in combination with the wireless system UWP-D11 or UWP-D16 for the A7R, A7R2, A7S or A7S2. Some users report that noise is added to the audio signal when the receiver of the UWP-kit is mounted on the SMAD-P3 adapter.


i appreciate your input.

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Some comments here from Brendan Lines may shed light on this issue. We need to be able to also use in camera sound level controls to decrease the hot signal the Smad makes - a firmware update for Alpha line ?


Hi Paul, thanks for test. Im seeing the same issue too. I have noticed that you cannot control the mic level from the in camera menu once the SMAD-P3 is attached and have to control levels from the receiver itself. The levels are generally very hot coming in so I wonder if the in camera mic levels default to a high value or auto gain once the SMAD-P3 is attached? The audio certainly sounds like noisy in camera pre-amps being maxed out? If I run the UTX-B03 through the mini jack mic input with the audio out level on the receiver set to -12 (reducing the signal, requiring the mic level in camera to be raised to 24 + to get the same audio level) This produces the same noise floor to when I'm running the receiver directly through the hot shoe. Im guessing the camera defaults to auto gain when you attach the SMAD-P3 and overdrives the pre amps. I managed to test the UWP-D16 with SMAD-P3 on an FS7 today, initially the levels were defaulted to auto once the SMAD-P3 was attached and the noise floor was just as bad. However you can manually control the gain for the hot shoe inputs on the FS7 and once I had done this the noise floor was acceptable. I'm guessing what we need is a firmware update to allow manual control of levels through the hot shoe. you can then keep the in camera mic levels low and ad more gain on the receiver side if need be.

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Have the same issue with Sony a7sIII and SMAD-P3. With Sony FDR AX-100E SMAD works fine. With A7s3  menu I cannot control mi Shoe Audio Set, only Audio Rec level. Problem is hiss and other extra noises. These extra noises I can get rid off if I use batteries inside the URX-P03 receiver. But one main idea with SMAD-plate is that you do not have to use batteries since it can take power from camera. Even if I use the URX with miniplug wire - the hiss is there.  With Sennheiser wireless or other mics - without SMAD through miniplug wire -    no problem.



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