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Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and had a beginner questions. I'm looking to buy my first camera and wanted to buy Sony, but I'm not sure if I want an A7 II or an A6500 E-mount camera. Those are in my price range. Which one do you think is worth investing into? Any advice would be appreciated!

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If you have no collection of FF lenses to 

adapt to your new camera, the a6500 is 

my recommendation. 


Acoarst I have no idea about your style, 

or needs :-( But I have an a6000 and an 

a7-II [plus several others .... ], and if the 

a6000 had IBIS the a7-II would be just 

gathering dust. 




I originally bought the a7-II to use all my 

old FF lenses [sony-A, Nikon F mounts]. 

If not for all those classic FF lenses I'd 

never have considered the a7-II. I was 

already using various FF SLRs and also 

Sony APS-C cameras. The APS-C IQ is 

so very close to the FF cameras that I'm 

not about to tell anyone they need FF if 

they don't already have some FF lenses.   


You're going to see some replies telling 

you that FF is not just a quest for IQ but 

that it has other "advantages". Acoarst, 

there are differences. Differences ? Yes.  

But "differences" are NOT "advantages" 

unless you're gullible to marketing BS. 

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