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A6000 on it's way, what would you suggest for this kind of image/shooting?

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Hi everyone, I just joined today as I have ordered myself an A6000 after much deliberation and flitting between DSLR & Mirrorless. The A6000 eventual won me over with its focus speed and tracking. I'm getting the 16-50 kit lens, and have my eye on the Sigma 30mm f1.4 prime lens quite soon. 


I take a lot of dog photos, both portrait and increasingly action shots, which was the main reason for buying a proper camera. I'm hoping to improve my shots of action, running, jumping etc. I've included a couple of the kind of shots I'm hoping to get/improve on. How do you think I'll do with the A6000 & 16-50mm + Sigma f1.4 30mm? Is there something else I should be considering lens-wise instead?







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Guest Jaf-Photo

You will need fast autofocus and fast shutter speeds, i.e. a fast lens.


I suggest you get the Sony E 35mm f1.8 OSS instead of the Sigma 30/1.4.


The reason is that the Sony 35 is fully compatible with Sony hybrid autofocus, which is great for tracking movement.


The 16-50 is an ok lens but it's not fast or particularly good in an optical sense.

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Since you seem to work in pretty good light, you should get faster 

AF from the 1.8 lens than the 1.4, since the image BEFORE focus 

as seen by the AF system is less out of focus, is more distinct thus 

aiding the AF in grabbing onto a detail. In that sense there's even 

some advantage in choosing an f/2.8 lens.  


For your dog shots etc you will find OSS very helpful. About hybrid 

AF ... IIRC my a6000 is not equipt with hybrid AF, but 2 caveats on 

my "IIRC": 1. I never update FW in any device and 2. I don't really 

care about state of the art AF for my needs.   


As to the kit lens, it's very decent at the wider half of its FL range if 

stopped down at least one stop, and it does AF very quickly, prolly 

due to its low mass more than any super technology. 

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Guest Jaf-Photo

A6000 has hybrid af, i.e. a combination of OSPDAF and contrast detect AF. I believe it was the first Sony camera to have it.


It only works in AF-C / Wide and wirh a lens that supports it. As far as I am aware, the SEL35F18 is the only APS-C lens with full hybrid AF support. Although, you get good results with many lenses.


The Sigma lenses only support hybrid AF for part of the frame, which defeats the purpose and makes AF-C, i.e. tracking, harder to use.

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