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Any indication of focus on a7rii in AFC / wide in movie mode?

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Hi all, 


I'm a long time reader / first time poster with a quick question about autofocus for video on the A7rii. 


This topic is covered a lot online, and I'm clear on how to use AFC with video (currently on wide). It works pretty well. 


The only issue is, often when you're shooting, you can't really see what the camera is focusing on until you review the footage on a larger screen. 


Peaking works of course, but only in manual focus mode.


Sometimes face tracking does what I am saying, by drawing a while box around a face.


Obviously if I hold down the shutter, I get a green box on what is in focus, but of course it's impossible to shoot like this. 


So the issue is, all of these are useless if I'm on AFC in video mode, and there isn't a face in the shot. 


It would be great if there was a way to turn on peaking in AFC, or if there was some display (green/white boxes) that existed in this mode...


Am I missing something somewhere in the settings?



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