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Hi there


There is no disscusion place for flash photografie...


Have you run a forum search for threads on flash ? 

I've seen almost none. This would explain why no 

special subforum exists for it. Creating a subforum 

does NOT create interest. You need interest first.  


Over at the PhotoCamel forum there is a subforum 

for lighting and flash. While it would not be specific 

to Sony, users DO ask brand-specific and system-

specific questions ... altho answers/solutions for the 

Canon/Nikon users are reliably offered while Sony 

related questions may or, more like may not, result 

in a solution being offered. This is cuz Sony has a 

much smaller user base in general and also cuz the 

Sony system is so poorly user-integrated that even 

if the user base were larger, even if it were huuuge, 

solutions to problems cannot be offered where the 

problems are [very Sony-typically] intractable :-(    


Sony makes very fine compact and versatile photo 

gear, but has approximately zero understanding of 

the users of photo gear. Sony gear has advantages 

and it has annoying shortcomings. You pays your 

money and you makes your choice [of brand], and 

the choice of Sony is not the wisest for all users.   




OTOH, in today's flash and lighting gear market, the 

inmates are running the asylum and the asylum staff 

seem to be self-medicating and joining the inmates.  

This is not a Sony-specific problem. Flash is a very 

simple thing, but is math-related. Math is SCAREY

even rather simple math. Users FEAR math, and so 

a hornets' nest of unnecessarily complex solutions 

arose to HIDE the math. Unfortunately, the solutions 

are worse than the imaginary, fear-driven "problem".   



*Atteetood engaged


Now that Everything-Anyone-Needs-to-Know-About-

Flash-Photography has been posted, right here right

now, there is no actual need for a "Flash" subforum :-)   


YMMV ... but, so what.   


*Atteetood disengaged*

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I doubt anyone here would give you a recommendation without more detail from you.


I suggest you provide more information such as (off the top of my head):


-why you feel you need a flash beyond the pop-up one on the camera; maybe a more powerful fill flash for on camera?

-do you only want a Sony branded flash or are you open to 3rd party flashes?

-what are you trying to accomplish with a new flash; off camera flash?; control other flashes from a flash mounted on camera?; etc.

-what is your budget?

-do you want fully automatic (TTL) or are you comfortable with manual?

-Is size and weight important to you?


More detail on why you ask would allow members to provide you with educated suggestions.



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After a lot of research I chose the F43m (NOT the “F43am”) This flash far surpassed all of my expectations. It does far more than any other flash on the market and does it really well!


It took shooting non stop for THREE HOURS at room temperature to get it over heated. I simply replaced the hot batteries with need ones and shot for another 90 minutes without issue.


In three years I’ve yet to see find a flash by any brand that can match it.


I also considered the F60 but read many negative reviews about over heating. While over heating complaints are usually exaggerated when 99% of reviews on Sony’s forum were reporting over heating after 10 minutes it more than just opinion. Apparently there was a single faulty wire.


Hence the F60 is more expensive but the newer less expensive F43m is far better.


If you have an older style Minolta flash mount on your Alpha there is an adaptor for only $23. Make sure you buy the Sony brand! I tried two other adaptors which did not work.

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