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Sigma MC-11 on the A7s?

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Does anyone have any experience with it or on the A7s II?


AFAIK the Mk I and Mk II are both the same sensor and both CDAF so performance should be the same right?


I've seen a video on youtube where it looks rather good on the A7s II, I just cant find anything on using it with the original A7s.


I'm likely to upgrade to the A7r II or another PDAF camera in the future, but that's further off and I am looking at getting a lens setup first.


I considered the LA-EA3/LA-EA4, but I am wanting lens based stabilisation as well.

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according to Sony the A7Smk2 focuses much faster so I wouldn't use that as a benchmark though I haven't tested both side-by-side. I do know the A7 and A7mk2 also share the same sensor and the A7mk2 focuses noticeably faster/better.

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