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Tiger sharks with the A7s & Atomos Shogun

Kay Burn

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Hi there,


I wanted to share the latest short clip I made from a trip last year to Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. Do turn up the volume for full effect ;)


Gear used was a Sony A7s with the Sony 28mm FE combined with Nauticam's WWL-01 wet lens (which gives a 140 degree FOV with little distortion and extreme close focusing)

Video was recorded onto an Atomos Shogun in 4k UHD 29.97 in ProRes HQ. All the equipment including the Shogun are housed in Nauticam dive housings. No video lighting was used, only ambient light.

Aerials were shot with a Dji Phantom 3 Pro


The video has been cropped to simulate a 2.39:1 Anamorphic modern cinema format and rendered in 1080p


Sharks are simply not the ferocious man-eaters that movies and the media make them out to be. They are majestic, graceful, beautiful creatures with character. I hope this video will help educate both divers and non divers alike. ;)


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Incredible footage and absolutely a wonderful short film. I was in awe at how bold it seemed everyone was jumping in and getting so close to so many of them. Never seen anything like it!

 Cheers buddy :) It's really the best shark dive in the world. Really isn't scary at all. I was a lot more nervous diving outside the cage with Great Whites in Guadalupe, Mexico ;)

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