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Background Focus with Jpegs vs RAW

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I am curious about how the Auto function to adjust the background focus works.  The function is only available when Quality is set to jpeg (e.g., Fine) and not for RAWs.  But adjusting the background focus is a function of aperture, distances and focal length, so why is it not available for RAW files?  I mean, one can certainly do that manually in P or Manual modes (adjust the aperture that is). so does that mean that the Auto function is adjusting the background focus some other way (e.g., post processing)?

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Background Defocus is a Post Processing feature.


By definition: Raw + Post Processing = JPEG


Please see http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3469509 for more details    ;)




Edit: If you are shooting RAW and want to defocus the background, open the aperture (smaller F number i.e. go from F 8 to F 4 to increase background blur). The increased Blur will be recorded in the RAW file.

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