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Home Invasion: Heidi


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I started a new recurring series on my website this week, where I show up at someone’s home with my A7R II and some lenses, no fancy lighting equipment, and just treat it as a creative exercise in working with what I have on hand. I had so much fun with Heidi as my first subject, and I’m hoping to do one of these every week. She had such a beautiful home, and her beautiful cat Molly even made an appearance in the photos. Honestly it turned out to be a fantastic way to force yourself to be creative without the usual creature comfort of lighting gear.
Full gallery on my website:  



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The good news is the decision was easier to make with this series. It's actually been fun to step out of the studio comfort zone and be forced to work with what I can find on location. No pre-planning is a difficult challenge. I did one last evening in the tiniest apartment ever, very tricky indeed



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