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15 manual lenses that perform well on the a7 series and cost less than $99

Phillip Reeve

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Hey Folks,


the great thing about the a7 series is that you can very easily adapt a very large range of manual lenses which have a great price/performance ratio. I am a student so that was the seeling point for the a7 when I bought my a7. Now, two years later, I have created a list of those very affordable lenses which performed well. Here is the article: The best affordable lenses for the Sony a7.


If you have any questions please ask :-)


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I have a Pentax SMC 50mm f/1.7 and use it with a Sony A7r - and it's fantastic for such low price! It's more then 30 years old and still works perfectly well. 


Some of my best work is with this lens and I can highly recommend it. Here are two simple pictures taken with it and my older Sony A7-camera.


A lonely leaf


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